4 Ted Talks by People of Colour To Inspire You Towards Building Wealth

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2 min readJul 1, 2021


July is a good time for a financial checkup as it marks the halfway point of the year. Are you on track? These are the four most interesting and inspiring Ted Talks, presented by people of colour, to inspire you towards financial freedom.

1: Robert A. Belle: The Emotions Behind Your Money Habits

Your money habits reveal a lot about you: your hopes, fears, dreams and other deep personal truths you may not even be aware of, says accountant Robert A. Belle. He shares how taking stock of your transaction history can unlock surprisingly valuable insights about what drives you to spend (and save) — and provides practical tips on how to perform an “emotional audit” of your expenses.

2. Wendy De La Rose: 3 psychological tricks to help you save money

We all want to save more money — but overall, people today are doing less and less of it. Behavioral scientist Wendy De La Rosa studies how everyday people make decisions to improve their financial well-being. What she’s found can help you painlessly make the commitment to save more and spend less.

3. Thasunda Duckett: 6 ways to improve your relationship with money

Taking control of our personal finances can feel overwhelming — but it doesn’t have to be. Thasunda Duckett shares how to minimize shame around money and start having honest conversations about how to save.

4. Nicaila Matthews Okome: This is the side hustle revolution

Past generations found a company to work for and then stayed there for decades. But today, we rarely stay in the same job (let alone on the same career path) and we don’t rely on a single income stream. The tools and resources are out there for us to do our own thing, and more of us are going with the entrepreneurial spirit — even if it’s on the side of a traditional job. Podcaster and marketer Nicaila Matthews Okome helps survey the scene.



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